Originally I come from Russia where for four generations my ancestors served Jesus during persecution of Christians and also during the religious freedom that was provided after communism. I have been richly blessed and inspired by this heritage. My grandfather Mikhail Kulakov Sr. wrote a fascinating book about his life and ministry called "Though The Heavens Fall."

Most of my life I lived in the United States and treasure many things that this country provides. I received my Bachelor's degree from Southern Adventist University and  Master's from Andrews University. My biggest passion is being used by God as I deliver His message in sermons. There is so much power in His Word; it is amazing! My biggest reward is being a witness to see how Christ transforms people.

 Sevierville is especially dear to my heart since this is a place where I met and continue to grow in love with my wife Tatiana. She provides indispensable support for my ministry and we just enjoy every moment we have with each other, whether it's traveling the world, hiking in the mountains or just relaxing at home.

Our two year old son Elijah was born here and brings many smiles to us each day. He really enjoys playing with our rescue dog, digging in mud, listening to the books we read to him and playing with his big fire truck. His current favorite game is running around playing hide and sick with his dad (it is my favorite too ;))

I am serving as a pastor for two congregations in Sevierville and Newport. We are blessed with these two wonderful church families that give us their love, support, and encouragement.  When I am not working I enjoy traveling, riding a motorcycle, drawing, working on the house and garden, and spending time with my family.

Hope that we can meet together face to face and get to know each other.

See you soon,

Pastor Daniel Romanov



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